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What’s so special about the project Kosher?

Kosher is a luxurious residential complex with limited access, which shall be built in three separate stages.

In which part of Sofia is the complex located?

Kosher is located in the south part of the city of Sofia, quarter Manastirski livadi – iztok (east). The main city boulevards as well as the city public transportation lines provide easy access from the complex to all key points in Sofia. From transportation point of view, trace line of Tram No. 7 has nothing to do with the city traffic jams and is often preferred as a way of transportation to the city center, where the traffic line is connected to all key points of the public transportation net. In the local area malls and shop centers, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and sport centers are available.

How you can easily access Kosher?

Car access to the complex is extremely easy and it’s possible via four main access points. Two of the main access points are directly by boulevard Bulgaria, and the other two are via internal streets in the quarter.

What type of real estate properties for sale are available in the complex?

The project incorporates residential, office and commercial properties, sport centre and kindergarten.

What type of apartments are for sale?

In the complex there are 2-room apartments, 3-room apartments, 4-room apartments, ground floor 2-room maisonettes and 3-room maisonettes with private gardens, all of which are with modern and functional floor plans.

What is the stage of completion of the residential properties at the time of transfer of title?

Apartments shall be transferred with partially executed finishing construction works. Please refer to the attached file on the website where you can find a full description of the stage of completion.

How is the parking organized on the territory of the complex?

There are two underground parking levels, where there are parking places, single and double garages, garages with storage premises, separate storage premises and parking places for motorbikes, all of which for sale.

Do you work with clients who are going to finance the real estate purchase via a bank loan?

Yes, we do. We have been cooperating with all big banks in Bulgaria.

What are the exact stages for acquisition of real estate?

The client chooses a property that fits his personal needs the most, signs a preliminary contract for sale and makes a deposit payment of 20% - 1ST installment of the purchase price. Upon reaching of rough construction – Act 14, the buyer instructs payment of 20% - 2nd installment of the purchase price and the last 60% - 3rd installment of the purchase price upon issue of Act 16. Transfer of title shall be performed upon signing of title deed in the office of the notary public.

Is there a maintenance contract to be signed and how much is the maintenance fee?

Upon signing of the preliminary contract for sale, every client shall sign a management contract and a maintenance contract with the relevant maintenance company appointed to deal with the complex maintenance as a whole. 

The maintenance fee is calculated as follows:

  • Apartments - 1,28 leva/sq.m. with VAT
  • Parking place, garages with storage premise - 1,28 leva/sq.m. with VAT
  • Offices - 1,90 leva/sq.m. with VAT
  • Shops - 0,75 leva/sq. with VAT