The Project

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Kosher is a project to present Sofia city in a new modern appearance. The idea is aligned with the present concepts and persuasions for greener and cleaner life, combined with various possibilities for active and social living. All is achieved in the context for modern and functional architecture, with innovative materials and solutions


Contemporary city life

STAGE 1 visualisation

This stage presents a various functionality in all 5 buildings. Here you can find high and house-a-like residences, offices, yoga center, stores and daily café. The close location of Kosher to the mountain and the green areas carefully organized in and around the compound, provides all residents, business and guests, the proper opportunity to spend quality time outdoors


Architecture evolves

STAGE 2 visualisation

All buildings in stage 2, as a following sequence of stage 1, bear characteristics of modern architecture and impressive functionalities. The green areas are well organized to provide residents with the possibilities for social interactions, sport, and even spent alone time outside. Here we have organized modern shops for commercial initiatives that are a respond to the various needs of all


STAGE 3 visualisation

The third stage of project Kosher concludes the creation of a complex of buildings that can be associated with a small residential city area, with everything necessary for quality living. It will be organized in 3 buildings with various functions. Future construction includes one 16 floors residential building, 9 floors office building, restaurant, stores and kindergarten


Park and Alleys

Kosher is an innovative concept that pledges to connect city sites with nature. Esthetics that combines new architectural ideas and technology, with more green spaces. Alleys cross pass the green spaces and provide easy access to the different areas and buildings in Kosher. The outdoor sport activities are organized around 500m track that runs within stage 2 and 3


Commercial areas provide another opportunity for development of various business initiatives. Here you can open your new daily food and home amenities, bio and greens, everything for the needs of a household and everyday life


Create a spacious and luxurious, preferred locations for cosmetics, beauty and hairstyle

In Kosher you can have a dedicated for residents and guests café. An escape zone from all busy daily routines


To have the opportunity to create a distinct zone for art and creative exhibitions


To open a place for fun day-care for the little ones in a serene, clean and safe environment



Business needs space to realize ideas. In stage 1, we have three floors of offices in a well-organized area with security access, café and place to relax, and next door is a place for yoga and meditation practices


In stage 3 will be created an office building of total area space of 4000sq.m. on 9 floors. Here you can find more than just a work space, but a place for business and social collaboration, in a formal and informal environment. There will be a superb restaurant designed on the ground floor of the building




Care for the little members of our community is organized in our Kindergarten that is planned to be created in stage 3 of Kosher. This will be a well-organized, spacious, and secured area within the complex, just a few door steps out of home and office


A modern and a much different type of architectural design for further development and boost of imagination of our kids, in a much lavish spaces for open interactions. Because it’s very important to educate the sense of beauty and esthetics since early age