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Building of
the year 2017
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Residential buildings

Degree of completion of the apartments



  • for apartments – cement plastering;
  • for balconies – cover of thermal ground granite, color G 654 (dark grey);


  • Façade walls and walls between the separate properties – masonry 25 cm, reinforced concrete structure – plasterboard by the system of RIGIPS with final latex coating; 
  • Internal walls – executed of plasterboard by the system of RIGIPS, with final latex coating;


  • suspended ceilings of plasterboard by the system of RIGIPS, with final latex coating;

Entrance door:

  • Metal door of the company “SOLID 55”, Series 50, with a tri-sided lock, steel structure 68 mm thick, made of cold rolled steel and additionally strengthened profiles, stuffing with mineral felt, wide angle eyehole, protective curvature of the steel door case and a channel for the special EPDM packing S 50 Thermo +, automatic rubber seal, ProBox with ring protector, patron lock with a special protection by means of a patron with three keys Solid10, decorative panels 1х8 mm with MDF cover of natural veneer – rectangular /horizontal veneer/ on the outside and 1,8 mm polycarbonate on the inside (with a possibility for subsequent replacement, agreed with “SOLID 55” with respect to the interior doors), luxurious Italian door fitting, on the outside – square ball, on the inside – handle type Ajax.
  •  Without installed interior doors;

Sanitary premises:

  • Ceiling – reinforced steel slab;
  • Walls – on a structure ready for installation of plasterboard by the system of RIGIPS;
  • Floor – reinforced steel slab;

Warehouse premises:

  • Ceiling – suspended ceiling of plasterboard by the system of RIGIPS, with final latex coating;
  • Walls – Sheathing of plasterboard by the system of RIGIPS, with final latex coating; 
  • Floor – Cement plastering;

Service premises in the basement

  • Ceiling – reinforced steel slab;
  • Walls – rendering or plastering with final coating of BAUMIT paint;
  • Floor – Ground concrete;

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning 

Pipe conduits for individual heating installations will be constructed in order to provide the possibility of future installation of gas condensation boilers for heating and heating of water for household needs, as well as of aluminum radiators and heating structures for the separate premises. It is not foreseen to install a gas boiler (set with all the required elements for installation and connection to the systems – electrical, water supply and sewage, ventilation), individual gas meters, radiators and heating devices.

In the living rooms of the apartments, pipe connections will be installed, in order to provide the possibility for future installation of split systems of air conditioning of the invertor type. It is not foreseen to install an air conditioning block (external and internal). Foreseen are servicing platforms on the intermediate levels for the installation of external aggregates of the air conditioning units and the blocks of measuring of consumption of heating and water heating for household needs – gas meters.

In all sanitary and warehouse premises in the apartments, a ventilation system will be installed, without mounting of end elements - ventilators in the sanitary premises and with installed ventilators in the warehouse premises.

On the order of the Client, “SOFBUILD” EOOD will recommend a firm for the delivery, installation and entering onto operation of gas boilers (a set with all the required elements for installation and connection with the systems – electrical, water supply and sewage, ventilation) from the leading worldwide producer, individual gas meters, aluminium radiators, aluminium heating devices, split air conditioners , etc. The construction and installation works, required in this respect, will be executed against additional payment from the Client to the company Sub-contractor, according to preferential agreed prices by “SOFBUILD” EOOD for the site.

Water-supply and sewerage installation


Water supply network will be executed of polypropylene pipes up to “plug”, without installation of sanitary equipment.
Measuring of consumed water quantity will be made by means of water meters with the possibility of remote control reading.

Sewage installation — For household needs 

For the sewage network, it is foreseen to install vertical PVC pipes with horizontal deviation towards each separate property, ending with a “plug” on the vertical riser (main pipe).

Sewage installation —Water drainage installation.

A system of water drainage collectors HL will be executed, as well as drainage grids ACO and pipes, which should lead away all the rain storm waters. Water drainage collectors will be installed under the terrace floors as well.

Sewage installation —Water drainage of air conditioning blocks and gas boilers.

The installation for drainage of air conditioning blocks and gas boilers will be completely hidden. Connection to the water sewage system of the building will be made by means of siphons or S type connections. In this way, penetration of sewage gases in the air conditioning blocks will be eliminated and from there – in the living premises as well.

Lighting and power installation 

Power supply of apartments is mono-phase/tri-phase type from the Main distribution boards at the respective entrances. Cables are drawn up into PVC pipes, laid down vertically in a special cable tray of the structure.

In the apartments, power supply of all consumers will be made by means of supply from the apartment distribution board SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, completed with the necessary safety equipment. Apartment distribution boards will be provided with the inlet automatic switch off and outlet automatic circuit breakers. For the current circuits of heating stove, furnace, dish-washing machine, washing machine, kitchen sockets and common purpose sockets, additional earthing voltage devices are foreseen (defective current protection).

The installation will be executed as follows:

  • for the lighting – by means of a cable into corrugated pipes behind plasterboard walls and hanged on hooks above the suspended ceiling; control will be made by means of control keys on site;
  •  for the contacts of separate consumers – by means of cables into corrugated pipes behind plasterboard walls;
  • installed keys and contacts of the series ASFORA, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC;

Lighting of all premises is accorded with the functions, they are going to execute, without the end element of the lighting fixture.

Telephone installation, antenna installation, Internet

On certain places at the ground floor of the building for the separate entrances, low voltage distribution boards will be installed. From them one cable for each will be drawn, respectively for: telephone network, antenna installation for the cable TV and structural cabling – Internet to the apartments with used cables of the category cat.5e.
In the living premises, for the low voltage installations, it is foreseen to install a low voltage box. The connection between the floor box and the low voltage box will be made by means of a corrugated pipe. From the installed low voltage box separate outlet connection conductors will be drawn behind the plasterboard walls.

Conductor outlets of the respective installations wi8ll end on internet socket RJ 45 hidden installation at a height of 0,35 m from readymade floor.

Ring – intercom installation

In the main electrical distribution boards of the separate entrances of the building, there will be power supply connection blocks for the intercom networks and the electrical locks of the respective entrances.
Intercom installation network will include an intercom earphone in each apartment with connection to the distribution board at the ground floor with an intercom speaker and ring buttons installed at the entrance of each block.

In the earphones there will be an integrated zoomer. It will ring in a different way depending on the location from which the call is coming – from the entrance door of the block, or from the entrance door of the apartment. Ring-intercom installation network is wholly executed with the equipment of FERMAX.

Security and Alarm Installation

In each apartment there will be laid cables for the Security and Alarm Installation. The installation of the equipment will be made by the security company after concluding of individual contracts.